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Every 100th Visitor to is invited to win a $50 Starbucks e-gift card plus free publicity, instead of the base prize, a $25 Starbucks e-gift card plus free publicity. You’re one of those lucky 100th Visitors!

So What Are the Details?

We all have them- those frustrating travel mishaps where things don’t exactly go as planned, and it’s not for the better.  Well, it’s time to turn those misadventures into happy, carefree memories in TravelFave’s Misadventure Contest.  For a chance to win up to a $50 Starbucks e-gift card (that’s roughly 10 free, Venti Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccinos or 15 Grande Cold Brew Coffees, or whatever delicious Starbucks beverage your caffeine-fueled heart desires), TravelFave (TF) wants you to tell us about your most memorable travel misadventure.

What Exactly Do I Win?
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The winner of TravelFave’s Misadventure Contest includes, in addition to a Starbucks e-gift card, a free guest blog post, publishing your misadventure story on the front page of and marketing your winning guest post to TF’s massive social media fan base (“Publication and Marketing”). While the base prize is a $25 Starbucks e-gift card plus Publication and Marketing, every 100th of TravelFave’s Visitors to TF’s website will receive an invitation to enter, instead, for a $50 Starbucks e-gift card plus Publication and Marketing.  You could be sipping pretty and travel-famous!

How Long Does It Have To Be?
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It’s really up to you whether you want to share the whole drama-filled saga or just a colorful summary of one incident, but you only have up to 500 words. We ask that you share only one story per entry.

Can I Remain Anonymous (after all, my tale is a bit embarrassing)?
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You can remain anonymous if you’d like to be; just change the names in your story to protect the “innocent”.  The only information that we require is your misadventure story and your email address (we have to be able to send you your Starbuck e-gift card).

Forget Anonymity! Can I Provide An Author’s Bio?
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If you are providing us with your real name or public persona’s name, you may include (but don’t have to) an author bio (50 words max) to publish with your story. The author bio may contain one link to your website, blog, vlog, online gallery, or other online destination representative of you. No more than one link per bio will be published.

Does My Story Have to Be True and Original Content?
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Yes, even though you may change the names within the story, the story should be all true and should pass the Copyscape standards 100% for original content. TravelFave does not check the veracity of each story and is relying on your representation (which is made in submitting your entry) that the story is true. TravelFave does check for original content using Copyscape.  Additionally, if you do use the real names of real people other than yourself, you must have their consent to use their true names as any winning story will be published publicly.

Who’s Eligible?
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Anyone 18 years of age and beyond.

I’ve Had Many Travel Misadventures.  Can I Enter Multiple Times?
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Yes! You can enter as many times as you would like with a separate misadventure for each entry.

Do I Retain My Publishing Rights?
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The short answer is yes, after we publish your story.  The long answer is that the only publishing right that we require is the First Global Publishing Right.  This means that we get the exclusive right to be the first publisher to publish your story.  After that, all publishing rights revert back to you.

When is the contest deadline?
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The submission deadline is August 15, 2017. The winner of the contest will be announced on August 30, 2017.

How Do I Enter TravelFave’s Misadventure Contest?

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