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Barnacles Hostel Galway Bongo Night by Barnacles Hostel (via Flickr)

Hostels versus Hotels in Europe

Originally a European concept, specifically originating in Germany in 1912, hostels, like the one featured above of Barnacles Hostel in Galway (Bongo Night by Barnacles

Tajines in a Pottery Shop in Morocco by Jafri Ali via Wikimedia Commons

Utterly Delicious Food in Morocco

Moroccan food is an exciting and exotic blend of spices and rich textures. As in the culture, tradition, and architecture, the food of this nation

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Sunset at the Palace of the National Congress of Argentina in Buenos Aires by By Miguel César (via Wikimedia Commons)

Spotlight on Buenos Aires – Visit This Electric City

Hello Buenos Aires! The vibrancy with which los porteños, the locals of Buenos Aires, live their lives and the strong European influence mixed with South American