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Cold & Congestion Remedies For Travelers

St. Basil's Cathedral By Elisa.rolle, Wikimedia Commons (modified)

Cough. Cough. Sniff. "Oh, my head." These are dreaded sounds at any time, but especially if you're travelling and you're many miles away from a standard pharmacy or you just don't want to see the local doctor. What do you do? Enter a home remedy that's worked wonders for me— a

Star Wars Trips in North America

Redwood National Parks by NPS Photo, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Tatooine or the forests of Endor?  Don’t want to be one of the guinea pigs of RX-24’s self-proclaimed “first” flight (roughly 5-minutes) for Disneyland’s Star Tours?  Don’t worry! Take a regular plane (and skip the long lines at Disneyland) to the following actual locations