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This is an updated dossier on the Mystery Traveler.

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Name(s):       Unknown

Eyes:                Green

Hair:                 Unknown

Face:                Unknown

Gender:          Male

 Age:                Less than fifty years old (believed to be                                           somewhere between mid-20s and early 40s)

Nationality:   Possibly either American or English (based on some  written speech patterns)

Languages Spoken  Fluently:  English, Chinese (presumably   Mandarin), and fifteen other languages.

Dossier Pic by MicheleW

Profession(s):  Art/artifact hunter, adventurer, and traveler, with possible military background/training

Known Contacts:  Widow in Jinzhanping, art dealer/fencer in Singapore, contact in Paris, France, and shadowy mentor.

Quirks:  Fiercely nomadic and independent; skeptical curiosity about strange artifacts; not easily phased by guns or threats; well educated, but also a rogue.

Other:  Claims he may be immortal

The Mystery Traveler's Adventures