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Exciting Cancun After Spring Break

Cancun Mexico by Fraser Mummery (via Flickr)

Exciting Cancun After Spring Break

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Cancun is definitely a hotbed of excitement during spring break, but just because spring break ends, doesn't mean Cancun becomes sedate. No sir. I caught up with Barbara K., a passionate traveler like you and me, and she has some awesome recommendations and tips to make your next Cancun trip fantastic.

Why did you go to Cancun?

I always wondered why spring-breakers flocked to Cancun. After I experienced the amazing white beaches, the crazy nightlife, the luxurious resorts, and fantastic nightclubs, I came to understand why it is one of the most preferred vacation destinations in the world. Cancun really is a beautiful city in southern Mexico.

It sounds amazing! What else can you tell us?

You must visit the beach.  The warm water of the Caribbean Sea in summer will rejuvenate your tired body.  And it’s so beautiful. If you have never visited Cancun, you can be excused for thinking that the white, brilliant beach photos in magazines are exaggerated. Let me tell you, they are real, and nothing is added.

Got it. The beach is a definite must-see. What else?

Cancun is rich in history. The Mayan people's spelling of Cancun was ‘Kaankun' meaning the nest of snakes. The

Beach of Cancún by Safa in LA (via Wikimedia Commons)
Beach of Cancún by Safa in LA (via Wikimedia Commons)

Mayan ruins show the religious nature of the Mexican people with old churches and ceremonial chambers.

El Rey Archeological Zone in Cancun, Mexico by Xe3osc (via Wikimedia Commons)
El Rey Archeological Zone in Cancun, Mexico by Xe3osc (via Wikimedia Commons)

The Benito Juarez shield is a work of art by Joe Vera, a Mexican artist. It is made up of three colors, blue, yellow and red. Blue represents the Caribbean Sea, yellow represents the sandy beaches, and red represents the beautiful sun rays.

The wildlife and natural sceneries are amazing. They say that green is the most relaxing color and I believe it.  The lush greenery surrounds you when you are in the jungle and you feel such a sense of calm.

I also saw a live lemon shark and the less scary sea turtle. The

coral reefs are a beautiful indication of life that one doesn’t usually think of as “a living thing”, but they are and they are just spectacular.

What about where you stayed? Did you stay at a hotel?

Cancun is famous for its luxurious resorts. My favorite hotel is the Le Blanc Spa Resort. There, I was treated like a VIP. The staff is friendly, and security is high, so I felt safe. The spa is the place to go to relax after the day's activities. Their massage therapists are heaven-sent.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable. The room service was always efficient, and the cleaning services are thorough. This five-star hotel will give you value for your money. The rates are affordable. You do not have to be a Millionaire to afford a vacation in Cancun.

Great! Let’s talk about food…

The Mexican cuisine is a mixture of traditional delicacies and European exotic dishes. The locals' staple food was beans, corn, and pepper before the Europeans introduced meats. Forget the tacos from the supermarkets. The local tacos in Cancun will give your mouth a whole new and exciting experience. The food experience is worth every penny. The tacos are so good you will eat ‘til your stomach can't handle any more.

In terms of a specific restaurant, I loved Puerto Madero. The menu is diverse and has something for every taste bud. This restaurant is surrounded by great views to give you a relaxed atmosphere too. Once in a while, I think it’s okay to get away from your all-inclusive package and experience the true spirit of Cancun.

And I couldn't get over the fresh seafood. Fish is caught and prepared on the same day. This doesn't happen in most places. We have all had a bad seafood experience in our lives, and in that instance, we’ve sworn to ourselves never to put anything that comes from the sea in our mouths.  However, Cancun seafood will change your mind.

Seafood Platter
Seafood Platter
In your opinion, when is the best time to visit Cancun?

You can visit Cancun all year round, but there are times when it is best to visit for maximum relaxation and a great experience. December to April is the best time to visit Cancun. The weather is perfect for a swim, a city tour, and strolling along the beach.

Between May and August, however, the weather is humid. September and November are crazy because of the storms.

Great tip! Do you have any more tips for us?

The primary language spoken is Spanish, but you will not walk for more than two minutes without meeting an English speaker. The culture is diverse. People are casual in their dressing, and the locals are very friendly. Taking the bus in a foreign country is very exciting, and it doesn’t cost more than a dollar.

Also, if you are not a spring-breaker, avoid Cancun in March and early April. The beaches are completely overcrowded by excited kids looking to be crazy.

Finally, take advantage of an all-inclusive package. This will save you a lot of money and confusion, especially if you are traveling with kids.

Michele W.
Michele W.
Michele is a professional writer, editor, and visual artist. She is an avid traveler, who loves sharing tips and tricks to maximize one's travel experience. She's a quirky, imaginative individual with a heart of really good chicken soup.

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