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Enter the Hotel

The usual advantages of a private hotel room are pretty obvious in light of the above hostel negatives, but there are some extra benefits of which one may not have thought.

Relaxing in a Hotel Room
Relaxing in a Hotel Room


You can be obnoxious, watch TV as long as you want, sleep whenever you want, and well – be you (as long as you aren’t THAT loud). Hotels are all about privacy and freedom of individuality (within reason) in public stays. They’re perfect for accommodating individual quirks.

Peace of Mind

Related to freedom is peace of mind. It’s easy to make yourself feel at home in a hotel. Private bathrooms within your room are available at all times. No one will complain about your level of cleanliness (or lack thereof).

The Right Hotel for the Right Event

The great thing about the wide variety of hotels from which to choose is their number and availability. Choosing the right hotel for the right circumstance is invaluable as the number of hostels, while great in Europe, doesn’t outnumber the number of hotels. Are you traveling in Switzerland and stopping in Zermatt to do some skiing, but you’re finding the scant number of hostels are fully booked? Your best bet for immediately booking a night is a hotel. Need several options for accommodations for all of your wedding guests near your wedding venue? Again, hotels (because of the sheer number of them) will be your key to sanity.

Before you begin hunting for your perfect hotel though, I just want to remind you why you began looking at hostels in the first place.

Kevin Marc Face (of Shock) by Newsact11 (via Wikimedia Commons)
Kevin Marc Face (of Shock) by Newsact11 (via Wikimedia Commons)

It’s How Much a Night?!

Without a doubt, hotels can be insanely expensive and they take a lot more out of your wallet than hostels. Oftentimes, the expensive pricing and the value of a hotel room to you specifically don’t match up. You may even regret your purchase even though you’ve enjoyed the hotel’s comfort.

No Guarantees

The bargain hotel seems like an oxymoron. It’s a slap in the face for many a disgusted traveler after they’ve spent a poor night at a “cheap” hotel. Don’t get me wrong; there are some gems out there, but really cheap hotels are, more often than not, gross in ways not easily visible in your initial cursory inspection of your assigned room. Can it get any worse? You bet. Really cheap hotels are usually on the periphery of cities (despite advertising that they are centrally located), making it tough to sightsee.

Comfortable, but Starving

Because hotels don’t often have kitchens, there are limited options for accessing and saving money on good food. Moreover, most hotels don’t provide lunch and dinner, so you’re left with the following options: pack your own food, walk / drive around in search of reasonably-priced food, or have a pizza delivered to your hotel (providing you aren’t in the middle of nowhere).

You Go Ahead; I Didn’t Want to See XYZ Anyway

Uh huh. Nice try, buddy. You’ve blown all your activities money on that swanky hotel room. If you’re nice maybe your bros who stayed at the modestly-priced hostel will spot you.

Turning Negatives into Positives (or Hostels to the Rescue)

So for those of us who crave quality and value (who doesn’t like to get the best bang for their buck?) and who can put aside some individuality and comfort to mingle with his / her fellow man, a good, clean hostel is a definite solution. The amount you pay for one week at a decent hostel is about the same amount of money you pay for one day at a decent hotel. The ability to save money is one of the most advantageous features of hostels.

The accessibility of a kitchen for people who want to cook and use the space for any feasting purpose is another benefit. Instead of paying extra for a “gourmet” meal in a near-by touristy restaurant, you can cook your own delicious homemade meal and save that money for extra activities. The tantalizing smell of your cooking may draw that cutie you’ve awkwardly been seeing around the hostel into the kitchen for a chat. In addition, hostels often provide easy access to TV rooms, pool tables, and other spaces.

Undoubtedly, the social interaction is an incomparable feature of hostels. There are a multitude of ways to connect and interact with people from all walks of life. Many amazing life stories are shared in hostels; many horizons are broadened. And if you’re only interested in like-minded people, there are plenty of communal rooms in which to forge a friendship over one particular thing. You’ll find gamers in the game room, binge TV watchers in the TV room, readers in the library. You get the idea. There’s something for everyone!