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Five Top-Rated Coats for the Winter Traveler

(Updated for 2017)

Planning on travelling this winter season? Make sure you take along a great coat that will keep you warm and dry. Check out these five highly-rated winter coats.

  1. Baubax Bomber

This is jacket has literally been called “The World’s Best Travel Jacket” and it's on my wish list! While the Bomber isn't for facing winter weather colder than 45 degrees, it has so many awesome traveling features. It has built-in gloves, a built-in eye mask for getting some shut-eye on long plane flights, an inflatable neck pillow, and a zipper pen and stylus. But that's not all! The list of pockets goes on forever (almost). It has a separate pocket for your passport, a drink, a blanket, a phone, a tablet, a power bank, sunglasses (built-in cloth included), etc. It's like the jacket equivalent of Dr. Who's Tardis because the jacket is pretty slim and streamlined.

  1. North Face ThermoBall

Looking for a quality winter coat that won't fill up your entire suitcase? North Face has partnered with ThermoBall and PrimaLoft to bring you this winter jacket that is lighter than down. ThermoBall’s insulation technology maintains its loft when wet and will keep you warm even if you happen to get caught out in the snow or rain. Another nice feature that this great coat offers to the traveler is its compression. You can stuff it all into its own zippered pocket*, which is great for sticking it in a small corner of your luggage. With several variations from which to choose (variations range from color and length to different lining materials, like nylon, Sherpa fleece, and faux fur), you are sure to find a style that fits your needs. For an added bonus, this coat is machine washable.

  1. L.L. Bean Ultrawarm Coat (for Women) and Baxter State Parka (for Men)

These super warm coats are made for light activity, like jaunting about and discovering the ins and outs of a foreign city during winter.  Being a person who gets cold easily, I personally love and recommend my L.L. Bean Ultrawarm Long coat, which I’ve had for over two years. It still looks like new and I wear it everywhere during the winter. It has a higher count of down-fill for its insulation than other down coats, so it maintains its loft and warmth. Even in super-windy Chicago where the wind chill can make the 8-degree air feel like -20 degrees, I’m still warm with only one additional base layer underneath. Per the L.L. Bean website, it protects one in up to -50-degree weather. It’s light-weight, water-repellent, and with its zip-off, faux-fur lined hood and feminine fit, it’s pretty stylish.  For men, L.L. Bean’s Baxter State Parka is the rough equivalent of the Ultrawarm coat, minus the feminine fit, of course!

  1. Mountain Hardwear StretchDown RS Hooded Jacket

Planning on skiing or mountain climbing a lot on your next trip? This highly durable, stretchable coat will keep you warm and toasty while giving you the freedom of movement that you won't find in other winter coats. Its Ghost Lite rip-stop fabric can withstand “ice, rock, and the occasional tree branch.” It is water-repellent and has an “adjustable, helmet-compatible hood” as well as three zippered pockets. With 750-fill Q. Shield (hydrophobic) down insulation, this jacket will keep you warm in snowy and rainy environments and not weigh you down.  With this jacket, you should be shredding powder in comfort.

  1. Joey Jacket

While the Joey Jacket isn’t to be used as your exclusive coat in snowy or freezing environments (without additional layers, the lowest temperature at which one is still comfortable is 55 degrees) or in a consistently pouring rain, this water-resistant jacket is still sure to be the ultimate coat for the gadget lover. With 14 zippered pockets designed to carry everything the person on the go may need, the Joey Jacket features cable loops, access slots, an earphone holder, water bottle straps, small id pockets on the sleeves, zipper vents, microfiber pockets to keep your screens dust-free and scratch-free, and even a built-in eye mask for sleeping on those plane, train, or bus trips!  And when the weather turns too warm, the sleeves are removable. So, ditch the purse and backpack. This coat is designed to keep all your personal belongings safe and secure, while keeping your arms free for the world around you.

Wherever your travels take you this winter, be sure to bundle up with the right coat. Nobody likes to be left out in the cold, especially on vacation. Happy Travels!


*Note: Some North Face ThermoBall coat styles do not come with its own zippered pocket.

Michele W.
Michele W.
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